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First Baptist Church of Canoga Park began as a mission of the First Baptist Church of Van Nuys. Pastor Vernon Snyder who at the time was a visitation pastor of the church from Van Nuys, conducted the first worship service on September 7, 1952, in the Veterans Foreign Wars Hall in Canoga Park. The Incorporation as First Baptist Church of Canoga Park took place on April 27, 1954, with 53 charter members, and the church has continued to grow since.

First Baptist Church of Canoga Park had a plan to update some existing signs and add new signs to help visitors navigate and to improve the overall exterior of their church. One of the main signs we made for them that was a brand new sign was a post and panel sign. As you can see from the photos, this is a directional post and panel sign.

Post and panel signs are great for displaying permanent information outdoors. They are very popular for churches because they are less expensive than monument signs, but can be just as effective. Churches often display their business name and hours of services, information that is not going to change. Post and panel signs are permanent signs and the information is not easily changeable so you don’t want to put up a seasonal schedule as it will be expensive to remove or change in the future.

This post and panel sign is mostly a directional sign and the locations of the Worship Center, Pre-K Building, Snyder Hall, and the Office aren’t going to change anytime soon so this is a perfect application of a post and panel sign.

Are you looking for a sign that can withstand weather and display information at your church? Give us a call today to get started on your custom post and panel sign.