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If you have multiple buildings on the same property, building identification signage can go a long way to help your visitors navigate. First Baptist Church of Canoga Park has the main church building facing Sherman Way, and another building facing a side street. The second building houses Snyder Hall where the classrooms are located for adult, youth, and elementary. We made a series of directional signs that help guide visitors into the parking lot entrance to Snyder Hall using directional arrows, and we also made a sign for Snyder Hall itself. As you can see from the photos, we made a letter sign to go on the exterior wall of the building.

First Baptist Church of Canoga Park holds many classes at Snyder Hall including Adult Sunday School and various┬ábible studies. There are different classrooms that we also made some signage for that we will go over in next week’s blog.

The client wanted to identify the building in a simple way that would suit the building. This is why we made them an exterior dimensional letter sign. Dimensional letter signs are pretty self-explanatory. We create 3-dimensional letters from typically acrylic or metal and they can be painted if needed. Whether you need letters or a logo, dimensional letters are a great option because they are customizable. As long as dimensional letters are stud-mounted, they are permittable for exterior use.

Much like different suites in an office building need room or suite identification signs, different buildings on a property also need identification signs, whether it is a room number or just the name of the room or building.

Are you interested in a dimensional letter sign for your businesses, church, or property? They are completely customizable and can be used for both interior and exterior use. Give us a call today to get started on your custom sign!