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One of the new signs we made for First Baptist Church of Canoga Park was a dimensional letter sign that identified Snyder Hall. First Baptist was updating some signs and were adding new signs while they were at it. They felt that it would benefit visitors greatly if the Snyder Hall was easier to locate.

When they had initially reached out to us for the signs, the sign for Snyder Hall was not on the list of signs we were quoting. After some consideration from the client regarding what signs they required, they decided to add it and modify some of the other signs they were considering. When we visited the location for the site survey, we took the measurement of the entire wall so we could take the photos and measurements back to our Designer to lay out a sign that would look good in the space.

This was a fairly simple sign so after the wording and color were decided on, the only other revisions they went through was the font. They knew that they wanted a serif font, and we made renderings using Cambria and Times New Roman to see which one they liked better. As you can see from the photos, they decided to go with Cambria.

After the design was approved, we were able to start on production. The lettering was routed from 1/2″ black acrylic, and since the letters were going to stay black, all we needed to do was tap the letters with studs and create a pattern to get ready for installation. When installing a sign that has more than one piece, we typically create a pattern to make sure that everything is installed in the right location. We put the pattern up on the wall, drill the holes where the studs need to go, and then fill the holes with silicone and push the studs on the back of the letters into the wall.