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Whether you are a professional business, a school, or a church, many businesses will have an office of varying sizes for their administrative work. We were working with First Baptist Church of Canoga Park on a sign project which included wayfinding signs to help visitors navigate. They had two existing directional signs, one that pointed you to the direction of the nursery, and another to direct you to the church office. They wanted to update the design on the existing signs, and add two additional signs to identify the Toddler Room and the Nursery.

As the walkways are all outdoor and not laid out like an office building, additional directory signs are necessary to make sure that visitors know where they are going. In an office building, each door has a suite number and there is usually a directory sign in the lobby when you enter so you can figure out which business is in each shite. However, if you have multiple rooms on an outdoor property, different types of signs are necessary.

First Baptist Church of Canoga Park is not just a church, they also teach classes and has a church office, a toddler room, and a nursery for patrons with children. Aside from a monument sign that advertises the church, they require many different signs to improve the experience of their patrons. These new directional signs that now feature their logo is sure to help their patrons, employees, or any visitors navigate around the property easily.

Are you a business or church in need of custom signs for your property? From directional signs, identification signs, to interior signs, we can do it all. Give us a call today to get started on a quote for your custom signs.