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If you have multiple buildings and rooms on your property, you want to make sure that it is easy for anyone visiting to be able to find where they need to go. At First Baptist Church of Canoga Park, there is an outdoor walkway that ends and you can either turn right or left. They did not have a sign there so they felt that it would be useful to install a directory sign to show that you can go left to get to the Pre-K Building or turn right to go to Snyder Hall.

First Baptist Church of Canoga Park holds many classes at Snyder Hall including Adult Sunday School and various bible studies. Aside from the directory sign, we updated some existing signs and made brand new signs to be installed around the property. One of which was a building identification sign for Synder Hall. The Snyder Hall sign was an acrylic dimensional letter sign.

The Pre-K Building includes the Toddler Room and the Nursery which we also made wayfinding and identification signs for that were installed on the exterior wall. These signs were pretty similar to the directory sign as they were digital prints and pre-colored vinyl that was mounted onto a sibond backer. The directory sign was mounted with eye hooks while the Nursery and Toddler Room Signs were mounted with VHB and silicone onto the wall.

These new signs are sure to help visitors navigate through the property easily whether they are new visitors or existing patrons.

Do you have multiple buildings on your property? Are you looking for an easy way to show visitors where to go and what each building/room is for? Whether you are a church or an apartment complex, we can help you with customized signs for your location whether you need interior signs, exterior signs, or both!