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First Baptist Church in Canoga Park holds many classes at Snyder Hall including Adult Sunday School and various bible studies. They have four different classrooms that had existing signs which were just the classroom number on the door. Since these could only be seen if you were facing the door, they wanted to add additional signs that were perpendicular to the wall so you could identify the classroom numbers as you were walking up to the rooms.

These are double-sided signs that were flag mounted. Flag mounted signs are great for hallways, and on the street. They are great for displaying information that people can see without being directly in front of the room or building which is ideal because most people are not walking down a hallway sideways or in the middle of the street looking at a storefront.

Whether we are making classroom signs for a school or for a church, it’s important to make sure that the person attending the class is able to find the destination easily to get to the class on time. Proper directional signs are key to wayfinding. We helped

First Baptist Church with signage that helps visitors navigate from the street to their destination. We made a parking lot entrance sign to direct customers driving to the church parking lot, and once they park and they are on the property, there is a post and panel sign that shows you the direction to four different locations, one of which is Snyder Hall. If you are there to attend a class at Snyder Hall, you can start following these directions. As you start walking to the right, you will eventually get to a point in the walkway where you can turn right or go left. There, we installed a hanging sign that advises you to turn right for Snyder Hall.



Once you get to Snyder Hall, you will know due to the building identification sign we made showing you which building is Snyder Hall. And finally, as you approach the classrooms, you will be able to see the classroom numbers and arrive at your location.