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Room signs are necessary if you have multiple rooms in one building or area and you don’t have a way of differentiating them from the outside. First Baptist Church of Canoga Park teaches classes at Snyder Hall. There are many instances where there are multiple classes being taught at the same time so they have four classrooms. They had the room number on three out of the four doors, but they wanted signage that would be easier to read from a distance.

Flag-mounted signs are installed perpendicular to the wall so you can see them as you are walking up to the building from the side of the entrance, not just from the front. In the original drafts, they already knew that they wanted a double-sided flag-mounted sign and had a rough mock-up of what they wanted it to look like. They weren’t initially sure of how many they needed, but they were considering 3-7. When you’re in the process of getting signage like room ID signs, it’s a good opportunity to make any changes regarding what room is meant for what. Some signs can be changed out easily, but it’s still easier to make these final decisions before you start purchasing signage. In the end, they decided to get four of the flag-mounted signs, as you can see from the photos.



In the original mockup, they were planning to use silver brackets. However, the final design features black brackets which look good with the black lettering. Aside from these changes, no major changes were made aside from the logo changes that we made on all of the other signs we made for them which were removing the company name and just having part of the logo peeking out on the side, and rounding the green rectangles that make up the logo.