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Forest Lawn Covina Hills is one of the six Forest Lawn Memorial Parks in Southern California. This location is home to the Life of Christ Mosaic and it also has the Church of Our Heritage. There are many statues erected around the park, including three statues at the entrance from Via Verde St. where a long driveway starts. A few years ago, Forest Lawn reached out to us to update the sign that was at the entrance. The existing sign had been up for a very long time and had endured some wear so it was time for an update. We also updated the font while we were at it as we were making a completely new sign.

The Forest Lawn Covina Hills prides themselves in their view of the San Bernadino Mountains and the San Gabrial Valley so the main features of the park are located on the eastern side of the property which are further away from the street, tucked into closer to the hills. Some of the parking lot can be seen from the street, but most of the buildings that are near the street have a view of trees as opposed to the street so the location is not too obvious and an entrance sign can really help visitors who are going to the location for the first time. The sign can also be seen when driving on the 10 freeway so it is also a great way to advertise the location. We made the sign letters from aluminum so they are holding up great, and are sure to help people identify the location for years to come.

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