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When Forest Lawn, one of our long-time customers, reached out to us to update their existing signs, we were more than happy to visit the location to take a look at what we were working with. Their Memorial Park in Covina Hills had an existing acrylic dimensional letter sign that had been up for a very long time and was in need of an update. Once we were at the location, we took many photos of the existing sign and took proper measurements to make sure that our new sign would match up in size.

Forest Lawn provided us with the font they wanted us to use and wanted white letters so they were happy with the first proof we sent over. Instead of acrylic, we used white painted aluminum for the new letters. Once we had the design approved, we were able to order the material and start on production. This sign did not need to be permitted because we were simply replacing the letters on an existing sign. New exterior signs need a permit, but if you are replacing a letter or a face on an existing sign, a permit is not necessary.

To make the letters, we started with routing the letters from .090 aluminum. The letters were 30″ tall overall. The aluminum was painted white and tapped with studs for installation. We made a total of 34 individual letters. When installing the letters, we mounted them with 1 1/2″ spacers as the wall was not flat, it was uneven stone.

The new sign looks great and will be sure to last a long time to help identify the entrance of Forest Lawn Covina Hills for years to come. Without this entrance sign, the location of the Memorial Park would not be as easy to find as it is tucked away into the hill, away from the street.