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The Modern LA is a new luxury apartment in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. Silver Lake is an Eastside neighborhood that is known for its trendy lifestyle and modern architecture, hence the name for this new apartment complex. The Modern LA is surrounded by many popular restaurants, cafes, and theaters and is only a short walk away from Silver Lake Reservoir. We were working with Westside Contractors on this residential building for almost 2 years for the exterior signage, ADA signs, and parking garage signs.

New apartment buildings require many different signs that are required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) because it is a public facility. ADA signs are very particular so contractors depend on our expertise to make sure that their signs are up to code as they cannot open if they don’t pass the fire inspection. We made close to 100 interior signs that included room ID signs, unit number signs, and parking signs. There are a few obvious signs like unit number signs that are necessary for an apartment complex, but there are many other signs like Accessible Entrance Signs, Evacuation Map Signs, and Exit Signs that are not as well known, but still necessary in apartment buildings. Aside from unit number signs, The Modern LA needed additional room identification signs for rooms like their Fitness Center and Mail Room. We also made 21 mailbox tags to label each unit’s mailbox.

Signs are crucial in an apartment building but are seldom noticed. If a sign is doing its job, it won’t be noticed, it is when something is out of place or a location is hard to find that people will notice a lack of a sign or a better solution. This is why we make many trips to these new construction jobs and perform walkthroughs to assure that we have accounted for all of the necessary signs.