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Chello Persian Cafe is a new Persian buffet that just opened in Chatsworth, California. In their first month of opening, they have received great reception on Yelp for their great service and amazing food.

The owner reached out to us last year when they first started construction for the new restaurant. Opening a new restaurant can be a long process, but they understood the importance of signage and wanted to get something up right away to start advertising. The very first sign we made was a “Coming Soon” banner that featured their logo and what the restaurant was going to offer such as a buffet, sandwiches, espresso, pastries, and catering. The banner was installed at the end of August and just a couple of months later, members of the community were posting photos of the storefront onto Yelp, anxious to try the new restaurant. A storefront sign needs to go through permitting and can take some time to manufacture so a banner is a great placeholder until you are able to install your permanent sign.

Many restaurants are open past sunset so illuminated signs are very popular. Even if you are not open all night, a lighted sign can help advertise your restaurant 24/7 to people who are passing it on the street. Chello Persian Cafe is located inside of a shopping center in the Chatsworth neighborhood of the San Fernando Valley. Aside from the Pizza Hut next door, they were surrounded by box signs so they wanted to change things up. We removed the existing box sign, painted the area, and installed channel letters.

They already had a design for the storefront sign which we made into a front-lit channel letter sign. Front-lit channel letter signs can illuminate any color or can be used for logos like the “Chello” logo you see in the photos because the faces are translucent. The logo and letters are internally illuminated so whatever is on the face is seen at nighttime whether it is a specific color, pattern or image. Each letter, logo, and dot are individual channel letters.

The colors they chose definitely draw attention and with the combination of great advertising and great food, Chello is sure to be flooded with new customers.