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Chello Persian Buffet reached out to us for their signage when they moved into their new space in a shopping center in Chatsworth, California. When a shopping center has multiple tenants, the center will often have a monument sign that lists all of the tenants in that center. The monument sign helps advertise the businesses and also helps the people who are trying to locate a specific business. Along with the storefront sign and a “Coming Soon” banner, Chello also needed a new monument sign face.

Chello is a brand new restaurant so they wanted to make sure that their signage was eye-catching to gain customers. They went with a similar color scheme as their channel letter sign and made sure that “PERSIAN BUFFET” was that most prominent thing on the sign faces. As you can see from the other sign faces from the other tenants in the plaza, some businesses will display their logo and business name if it’s a well-known business like Pizza Hut, and some will just put “MARKET” or “LIQUOR” because the type of business is all people really need to know.

As Chello is a new restaurant that is not known by many people yet, they made sure that their sign would clearly indicate that there is a Persian buffet in the plaza, but they also included the logo for brand recognition and a short list of what people can get there (pastries, sandwiches, coffee).

The bright colors in the new monument sign faces and the channel letter sign are sure to catch the eye of people driving by and attract many new customers to the new restaurant.

Be sure to check-in for the next couple of weeks to learn about the other signs we made for Chello Persian Buffet which include an interior sign and window graphics.