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When Chello Persian Buffet first reached out to us, they already had a design for the new monument sign faces that were to replace the sign faces of the last tenant that was in their space. They also needed a new storefront sign so we went out to their new location to get the measurements for both the monument sign and the storefront.

Monument sign faces just slide into the existing frame so we need to get the exact measurements to make sure that the new panel fits properly and that the lettering is straight. There are many times when the frame can be a little uneven so we need to take that into account during production.

Once we had the measurements we needed to discuss how these signs were going to be made before we can provide an accurate quote. For non-dimensional vinyl signs, there are two main options. One is to digitally print the artwork which is quick and easy because all we need to do is print the art file onto vinyl. The other option is to use pre-colored vinyl. Pre-colored vinyl lasts much longer than digital prints and this is the option that Chello decided on as there were only three colors being used and they were all solid colors.

Once we had the job, we went into proofing. There was only one design revision which was adding “Persian Cafe” to the logo, and replacing “ESPRESSO” with “SANDWICHES” as we did for the channel letter sign.

To make the signs, we started with a sheet of Tuf Glas. The lettering and logo were plotted from various colors and types of vinyl and laid onto the Tuf Glas. We used translucent vinyl for most of the sign with the exception of the logo which was opaque black vinyl. The white “Chello” letters don’t have any vinyl on them so the white you are seeing is just the Tuf Glas.

These new sign faces were installed with the channel letter sign with plenty of time to advertise the new business before they opened.