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Having a retail storefront is great if you are a clothing store, especially if you are in an area with a lot of foot traffic. Voodoo’s design company reached out to us while they were in the midst of getting the store ready because they were looking for a company to make its storefront sign. The store is located right in the middle of Downtown Los Angeles inside of a building on 9th and Broadway so they wanted a sign that would stand out and attract new customers. Voodoo is a high-end clothing store that was established in 2018. They carry many well-known brands along with some original designs.

Their company purple already helps them stand out from the other signs on the block but to be even more eye-catching, Voodoo wanted to add purple LEDs to their sign. Our standard LEDs are white, so we used RBG LEDs to get Voodoo the exact purple shade they wanted. An illuminated sign will attract people to the storefront, and their storefront display helps showcase what kind of clothing they sell to advertise 24/7.

The storefront is very important to a retail store so a storefront sign is crucial when it comes to advertising. Having individual, lighted letters like the channel letter sign we made for Voodoo is a very high-end sign that looks great. If you’re not looking to have an illuminated sign, dimensional letters can still attract attention due to their 3-dimensional nature and they are also completely customizable much like channel letter signs.

Their storefront sign looks great, and they are sure to gain a lot of new customers who are attracted to their storefront. Are you looking for signage for your retail location? Call us today to get started on your custom signs.