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Azizian Trust owns 452 and 454 W Stocker St., a shopping center in Glendale, California. The property is located in North Glendale off of N Pacific Avenue. and W. Stocker Street and there is a monument sign near the street that can be seen from N. Pacific Avenue that was in need of a refurbishment. Only three of the faces were lighting up and new faces were needed as some of the tenants were no longer there and there were some logo updates that were necessary. One of the owners was looking for a sign company online and came across one of our blogs where we had refurbished a pole sign.

A sign that is located near the street is very important to a shopping center or plaza with multiple businesses so you can identify all of the businesses in the center in one glance. This helps advertise the businesses, and also helps people locate the business who are driving in a car. Not all of the businesses in this center can be seen from the street so without this monument sign, someone looking for that businesses would never be able to find it if they were in a car.

The sign could be seen well in the daytime, but only 3 of the 8 faces were lighting up at nighttime. We ended up doing a full LED conversion on the sign, and we also replaced all of the individual faces on the signs to help the sign look brand new. Along with the visual changes, we also reinforced the structure and turned the box on the pole so it would be perpendicular to the street, thus making the information easier to read. The sign was previously parallel to the street which meant that you had to be right in front of it to read the information.