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Azizian Trust was looking for a sign company online that could help them refurbish their existing monument sign. They ended up stumbling upon one of our blogs for a pole sign we had refurbished and gave us a call to see if we could help out. He advised us that he needed to update the different sign faces for individual tenants and wanted the lighting looked at as there were only three out of the eight faces light up. They also wanted to convert the light source to LEDs if they weren’t already and if they were LEDs, they wanted to get new ones as the current ones didn’t have very good illumination.

The first step was to go out to the location for a site survey to get the exact measurements of the sign faces and take a look at the status of the current light source. While on location, the client mentioned that they also wanted the sign turned as it was currently parallel to the street and hard to read if you were driving down the street.

We found that the sign was not using LEDs so we got all of the necessary information regarding what we could need for an LED conversion while we were on-site. We will often sand and repaint a monument sign as part of a refurbishment, but the entire shopping center was going to be repainted so the owner decided to just have the painter repaint the sign structure also.

After we got all of the necessary measurements for the sign faces and the artwork from each tenant, we were able to start proofing. We provided renderings of how all of the sign faces would look together on the sign so the owner and tenants could see what the end result would look like and make any changes before we started production.

We made the new sign faces and went to the location to replace the faces and perform the LED conversion in one trip. While we were there we also reinforced the structure and turned the box on the pole so it would be perpendicular to the street.