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Azizian Trust had found us online when they were looking for a sign company to refurbish their monument sign at a shopping center they owned in Glendale, California. The monument sign was the first priority, but during our first trip there they asked us to take a look at the existing cabinet signs on the tenant storefronts as they also needed an update.

It’s very important that your exterior signage is up to date as it will directly affect how potential customers view your business. If a sign looks worn out or faded, it can look like the center is not well maintained and that will not help you get new customers.

The cabinet signs had been up for a while so they were in need of an update. We removed four of the existing box signs and took them back to our shop. We replaced multiple retainers on three of the box signs and primed the new retainers to be ready for paint. The fourth cabinet sign was significantly more damaged than the other 3 we replaced it with a brand new one. The owner of the plaza was planning to repaint the entire building and they were going to paint the box signs along with the building which is why we only primed them.

The cabinet signs had existing sign faces but those were replaced with new ones that we made when the box signs were re-installed. We had updated the monument sign faces for the tenants so we wanted to make sure that the cabinet signs on the storefront were also up to date and matched the new sign face designs.

Updating the signage has definitely helped update the look of the shopping center and after everything has been painted, it will look as good as new.