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Front-lit Channel Letter Sign for Supercuts in Westlake Village, CA Supercuts is a hair salon franchise with many locations throughout the United States. The iconic red “SUPERCUTS” logo is recognized by many due to the fact that the logo is consistent on all of their marketing. A new Supercuts store was opening in North Ranch Gateway, an outdoor shopping mall in Westlake Village, California, and they were in need of storefront signage. Like most of the Supercuts stores we’ve made signs for, we made them a front-lit channel letter sign and window graphics. For this location, we also made them a “Coming Soon” graphic to go in the window to advertise that they were hiring for stylists.

As always, we started the job with a site survey to check out the electrical access and measure the storefront and window glass so we could scale out the exact dimensions for the sign. This facade was a little different compared to the ones that we usually work with because it was curved, but while we were on site we measured the width of the sign area including the curve so we could understand how much surface area we had to work with.

Front-lit channel letter signs have translucent faces so we cut red sign acrylic for the faces which are translucent. The returns are custom bent from 5″ wide coil, and the backs are routed from an aluminum sheet. The backs and returns are welded into one piece. The faces are made so they are removable in case they need to be replaced or if the channel letters need to be serviced so the faces are attached to the returns with trim cap.

If the wall is curved in, we can run into some issues during installation due to the letters hitting the wall, but since the wall was curved outward, we were able to install the channel letters with studs as always without any issues.