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Metal Signage for Brighton Salons in Beverly Hills, CA Brighton Salons is a hair salon that is located on Brighton Way in the heart of Beverly Hills. The already established salon is surrounded by world-class restaurants and designer shops so they wanted to advertise to foot traffic while making sure that their location was easy to identify. They had some existing window vinyl with the business name, but the owner wanted something a little more high-end to reflect the business. She was looking at other signs in the neighborhood and was inspired by a sign that had a brushed metal background and polished metal letters. She wanted the same style of sign for her business but with her business name.

The found us online and reached out to us with her sign design. The storefront consists of two large windows, one of which is mostly a doorway. The windows have a space of wall between them which the client thought would be perfect for the sign. The provided us with the width of that section of the wall so we could scale a good size for the sign. For the backer panel, we decided to use brushed Sibond. Sibond is a polycarbonate sandwiched between two layers of brushed aluminum. It is a rigid yet lightweight material so we often use it for exterior signs as a backer panel. The client wanted polished finish letters so we decided to use 1/4″ thick stainless steel. Stainless steel is much more durable compared to aluminum, and we are able to create the smooth, polished finish that the client was looking for. The contrast between the finishes looks great, and this sign is sure to help people identify the salon going forward.

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