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Forest Lawn is a longtime customer of ours that we’ve done many signs for due to the fact that they have many locations and many events being held at those locations. Their Hollywood Hills location is right down the street from Mount Sinai Memorial Park and Mortuaries Hollywood Hills so both businesses have a post and panel sign that provides directions to their own location and to the other business.

The signs had been up for a while and needed to be replaced as some of the vinyl was starting to peel and the colors were fading. Forest Lawn had also since updated their logo color and the sign was still using the old logo color. Consistency is key in branding so if you go through a logo update, you want to make sure that your logo matches wherever it is displayed. It can be difficult to do right away if you have many different locations and many different signs like Forest Lawn, so like them, you can replace the signs as they wear out.

These signs are facing the street so you can get directions as you drive. Although both Forest Lawn and Mt. Sinai have monument signs at the entrance of the property, having additional signs is always helpful to make sure that visitors are able to find your location without any stress. These signs can also be a subtle way of advertising since the logos are displayed. Someone that happens to be driving on the street would see it and know that there are memorial parks and mortuaries in this area.

Are you looking for an efficient way to help customers find your location? If you already have an existing sign, we can update it to make sure that the colors are vibrant and the message is easy to read. We can also manufacture, permit, and install a brand new sign on your property if you don’t already have one.