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Hanging Mall Sign LED Refurbishment for Sanrio in the Topanga Westfield Sanrio is a Japanese company best known for its internationally popular character, Hello Kitty. They sell merchandise based around their cute characters and sell anything from food products, clothes, school supplies, and home decor. Sanrio products are sold in over 12,000 locations and over 85 Sanrio boutiques in the Western Hemisphere. One of their many stores is located at the Topanga Westfield, a popular indoor mall in Canoga Park, California. The store has been there for quite a while so they already had a sign, but the sign stopped lighting up so they found us online while they were looking for a company online that could come service their sign.

Although interior malls have lighting so all of the storefronts can still be seen after sunset, many businesses still invest in an illuminated sign to attract as much attention as they can to their businesses. Since a mall just consists of rows and rows of stores, there is a lot of competition and you want your storefront to stand out as much as possible. An illuminated sign also creates a more impactful look than non-illuminated signs. Just take a look at the Sanrio sign when it’s illuminated versus when it’s illuminated. The blue is much more vibrant and easy to see from further away when the lights inside the sign are working properly.

Issues are inevitable when you have an illuminated sign for a long time, which is why it is important to have a sign company that you can trust to service your sign if anything happens. We handle service on existing signs such as creating new sign faces, LED conversions, LED repairs, and full sign refurbishments for larger signs like monument signs or pole signs.

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