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Hanging Mall Sign LED Refurbishment for Sanrio in the Topanga Westfield The Sanrio in the Topanga Westfield Mall reached out to us because their storefront sign was no longer lighting up. They have a hanging sign right above the entrance to their store that is an oval with the logo on it. The logo is blue and normally lights up but it had stopped working so they reached out to us after finding us online to see what we could do to help them. As we charge service fees at an hourly rate, we always want to make sure that the issue is with the sign before we go out to the location, especially if it is further away. The two main things we have the customer check is whether other stores around them are having the same issues as it could be an electrical problem, and we have them check to make sure that their time clock is working properly. The time clock automatically turns the sign on and off depending on the time of day or sunlight level, and if your timeclock is broken it could be keeping your sign from turning on.

We don’t want to waste a customer’s time or money so we always check on these things first. Once it was determined that it was an issue with the sign, we started to schedule the service. An issue with mall signs is that we can only work before or after hours. If you are a standalone store, having someone working on your storefront for a couple of hours wouldn’t be a big deal, however, since malls are filled with other businesses, we need to work on sign installations or repairs when none of the stores are open so we don’t disturb any of the other businesses or the mall patrons.

After we submitted all of the necessary paperwork, we were able to schedule the service and go out. The issue ended up being a bad power supply which we were able to replace fairly quickly. The sign is lighting again and can continue to help patrons find the location and advertise to new customers.