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McRory Pediatric Services offers many different services that benefit both the child, parents, and even siblings. From speech therapy to parent training programs, McRory strives to provide high-quality therapy services to help their clients reach their full potential. We have been helping McRory out with their signage since they first contacted us a few years ago when they were still renting space in Encino. A couple of years later, they bought a building in Tarzana and we helped them relocate some of their existing signs and make new signs.

Their second location in Santa Clarita was also a space they were renting, and they recently purchased a building on the same street and were moving locations. Like their last move, we made an exterior sign for the new location. As they were previously sharing space in a large office building, they didn’t have an exterior sign prior. An exterior sign is crucial if you have a location that customers will come to visit. McRory’s new exterior sign faces the street so if someone is driving down the street looking for their new location, they can spot it easily. Especially for a business like McRory Pediatric Services that already had clientele in Santa Clarita, it’s important that their existing customers can find the new location with ease.

Exterior Dimensional Letter Sign for McRocy Pediatric in Santa Clarita, CASince the sign also describes what the business is, it can also serve as a form of advertising to new customers. Since they are a bigger company with an established name they include their logo in their sign, but there are many businesses that will make the industry the focal point of the sign or simply put “PHARMACY” or “CHINESE FOOD” so they can easily advertise what the business offers.

Are you looking for an effective way to advertise your location? Call us today to talk about different options for exterior building signs.