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Pacific Ritz Surgery Center in Encino, California was working on their interior decor and was in need of some interior signs. We made a total of three signs for them which included a door sign, the main entrance sign, and a reception area sign.

Pacific Ritz Surgery Center is in an office building with other businesses so the entrance to their office is through an indoor hallway. A couple of years ago we made a hallway sign for one of their neighbors, Affinity Surgery Center. We made similar signs for Pacific Ritz. One was installed on a door that was only meant for authorized personnel, and another was for the main entrance where patients could enter. The sign only consists of the logo for the main entrance sign so it is the main focus. For the secondary sign, the logo is displayed along with the suite number and “Authorized Personnel Only”. So it identifies the business while conveying that this is not where visitors and patients should enter.

The third sign went in the reception area and had more design aspects as it was more of an interior decoration piece and not just a sign to show where you can and cannot enter. All three signs were acrylic backer signs with standoffs which means that the logo and/or other information are mounted onto an acrylic panel which is then mounted onto the wall, door or another sturdy surface with standoffs. These panels can be removed and re-installed onto another location with minimal damage to the wall.

The logo, lettering, or other information can be dimensional or non-dimensional depending on what the customer wants. If the design is non-dimensional we digitally print the artwork onto vinyl or have it plotted from pre-colored vinyl. In this case, we digitally printed the logo and other information. For dimensional options, we can have the information flat-cut from acrylic or metal.