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De Silva Brothers & Company is a family business that started out in as a cinnamon cart in Sri Lanka in 1955. Through hard work, Garumuni Peter De Silva grew his cinnamon cart into what is now the top cinnamon exporting business in the world. Their services have also expanded to custom mixing and blending, private labeling, and wholesale distribution. They own a building in Pico Rivera and wanted to get a few signs for the business.

As you can see from the photos, we made a few different signs to go around the building. Being such a large building, they wanted large signs to identify the building but they didn’t need them to light up at night time so we made them non-illuminated front channel letters. Channel letters have more depth than exterior dimensional letters which is why it was a better choice for them based on how big the building was and how large the signs needed to be. Channel letters are very common for storefront signs, but they are also great for identifying warehouses and other large buildings. This one building houses Grupo Canela, De Silva Spices, and El Rey De Especias so they wanted to make sure to identify all of the business names on the building.

Channel letters are definitely a high-end option but if you want something eye-catching that will look great for a long time, channel letters are a great option, especially if you want the sign to be illuminated. Even non-illuminated, they provide a lot of dimensions. Other building sign options include dimensional letter signs, illuminated or non-illuminated cabinet signs, and mounted vinyl signs. We manufacture many different types of signs and depending on your signage goals, we can recommend a sign that will be perfect for your business. Call us today to get started on your custom building sign.