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Hallway Sign for Encino Outpatient Surgery Center in Encino, CA We made a couple of different interior signs for an Outpatient Surgery Center in Encino, California to help identify the different entrance doors. They are located inside of an office building and these signs were going in the hallway so we made acrylic backer signs and a dimensional letter sign. Acrylic backer signs are chosen for their style, but also for their ease of installation and removal. As you can see from the photos, the signs are installed with standoffs in the corners so each of these signs only requires four holes to be installed. This also means that if the sign needs to be taken down, there are only four holes that need to be filled

If you stud mount individual acrylic letters, each letter has multiple studs which means multiple holes being drilled. If the letters are going to be mounted flush to the wall and are light enough we can mount them with VHB, but the tape is very strong so it can still damage the wall when it is being removed. The suite numbers were installed with VHB, but the suite number is not likely to change and it’s a pretty small area so it’s not too big of a deal.

The acrylic backer signs were made by applying vinyl to a clear acrylic backer panel. The logo and other information was reverse printed onto clear vinyl and attached to the back of the acrylic. We then applied another layer of etched vinyl on top to create this finished look. We typically apply the etched vinyl like this, but the reason we did this with the printed information is so the first layer of the sign is 1/2″ of clear acrylic, and the information is behind it so the main texture of the sign is the gloss of the acrylic, not the vinyl.