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If you’ve been following our blogs you know that our long-time customer, Forest Lawn, has many locations throughout Southern California. Aside from physical locations, they also have mobile locations such as mall carts. About a year ago, we blogged about a mall cart wrap we did for them at their mall cart at The Shops at Montebello. This year, they were looking for something similar for their new mall cart at the Northridge Fashion Center.

Forest Lawn Memorial Park & Mortuaries is a well-known name and having multiple places where people can get information is great for their business. Even if someone doesn’t approach your business during their mall visit, your business name and logo will still be seen, which will increase brand recognition. Forest Lawn uses the same logo and color scheme throughout all of their marketing to make sure that their name is remembered. From vehicle graphics to building signs to pamphlets, logo repetition is very important.

Kiosks and carts in the walkways of malls are very common for both indoor and outdoor malls. However, indoor mall carts have a little more flexibility when it comes to design because it doesn’t have to be weather resistant. We try to avoid using digital prints outside because they fade quicker than using pre-colored vinyl, but it is unavoidable when you want to print an image. The mall cart is in an indoor mall, but we still laminate the prints for UV protection. We made two translucent digital prints for panels that were to be backlit, and two more digital prints on removable adhesive back vinyl for the drawers.

The mall cart looks great and is sure to catch the eye of mall-goers. Are you looking for custom digital prints for your business? From mall cart graphics to vehicle wraps to digitally printed logo signs, we can do it all.