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Channel letters are hollow metal letters that can hold LEDs for internal illumination. Front-lit channel letters are the most common because they are the most customizable in terms of color. Front-lit channel letters have translucent faces so when the channel letter is internally illuminated, the face lights up. Depending on your logo or the information you want to display, we can use pigmented acrylic, pre-colored vinyl, or digital prints. The backs of our channel letters are routed from aluminum and the returns are hand-bent from aluminum coil. The backs and returns are welded together, and the acrylic faces are typically attached with trimcap so they can be removed easily for service or replacement.

Pigmented Acrylic

Acrylic comes in standard colors such as white, red, blue, etc. that can be used for channel letter faces if the customer is okay with a standard color. For this Supercuts sign, we used red acrylic and red LEDs.

Cut Vinyl

If a color needs to be a little more specific but can still be chosen from pre-existing colors, we have a wide range of translucent vinyl colors to choose from. We used four different colors of vinyl to make the Kids Empire sign. The logo is even made from different pieces of cut vinyl that our production team laid by hand onto white sign acrylic which is also translucent.

Digital Prints

If you have a very specific color or texture you want to use, we can offer digital prints. 10 Speed Coffee wanted a vintage looking pattern that we designed specifically for their sign. We digitally printed this design onto translucent vinyl and laid it on white sign acrylic because we weren’t able to recreate this specific texture using vinyl. There are also some companies that are very specific about the colors used for their signage so they opt to have the color digitally printed from their logo file to make sure it matched exactly.