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CarpalAID is a pain relief hand patch made for those with carpal tunnel syndrome. It was created by Joseph Nazari when he was trying to find an alternative to surgery after he himself was diagnosed and surgery was recommended by his doctor. His personal mission is to help people avoid surgery by using CarpalAID as he did for himself. The patch helps relieve carpal tunnel syndrome hand pain by relieving pressure on the median nerve which is what is causing the hand pain.

The company moved locations and were in need of a few signs. The product is sold in-store and online so they don’t have a storefront or a retail store, but it’s still important for them to identify their business location. We made them a new building sign, a post and panel sign, and window graphics.

The building sign directly faces the street and is next to the entrance which is the perfect placement for a building sign once you are in the parking lot. The post and panel sign was installed on the grass near the sidewalk so it can be seen by someone driving. We typically install ground-mounted signs like monument signs and post and panel signs perpendicular to the street so it can be seen from both sides of traffic. This is helpful to someone who is going to the location for the first time.

Window graphics are popular for all types of business and can be installed indoors or outdoors. They are an affordable way to customize your doors and windows and we can display virtually any information you want. Window graphics range from logos, photos, designs, or even just your business hours. We can use pre-colored vinyl that comes in many different colors, but we can also digitally print if you need specific colors which is what we did for CarpalAID’s door graphics.