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Your storefront is very important if you are a business with visitors and a storefront sign is a chance for you to advertise your business to those passing by. If you do not have a recognizable logo or a well-known business name, you might opt to just have the name of your business service displayed instead of your business name. As you can see from the photos, this is exactly what this local bakery decided to do. If you look around an outdoor shopping mall, you may see signs that read “TOBACCO”, “CHINESE”, or “TACOS”. For someone who is simply looking for something specific to purchase instead of a particular restaurant or company, this is a very effective form of advertising. The signs are typically in red block letters for maximum visibility. Block letters are very easy to read quickly and the fewer the letters, the better. The business owner was considering putting the business name in a small logo box but decided against it to give the channel letters more space.

The larger the letters are, the easier you can read them from a distance. The rule of thumb is 1″ of letter height for 10′ of viewing distance. Of course, this can depend on many different factors such as typeface and color, but this is a general rule. We made these letters as large as we could given the sign area, so they are 20″ tall. Theoretically, this sign should be able to be read from 20′ away, so someone driving in the parking lot should be able to read the sign with ease.

Being in a shopping center is a great way to advertise to your neighbor’s customers. As they are walking through the parking lot or looking for parking, a large, red-lettered sign is sure to catch their eye. These are also front-lit channel letter so they light up at night time for advertising day and night!