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Synear Foods is a large Chinese frozen food production company that started in China but also sells its products in the United States. They are famous for their frozen dumplings, but also produce rice balls, steamed buns, zongzi, wontons, and snacks. Synear Foods’ Los Angeles location is right in our neighborhood of Chatsworth, California. A couple of years back, we did some exterior signs for their building which included a gate sign, monument signs letters, a post & panel sign, door graphics, a channel letter sign, and a lobby sign. Earlier this year, they reached out to us again to add more interior signs.

Signage is very important to any business, especially if you are located in a large building like Synear Foods. Exterior signage helps identify the business and helps visitors understand where to go. Interior signage can label rooms or different areas of the building, but they can also help personalize a business. Custom signs integrate custom company colors and logos which can help you transform your interior. The most recent interior signs we made for them were full wall graphics. Using our large format printer, we can create large, custom graphics that can be applied virtually anywhere. We’ve done window graphics, wall graphics, vehicle wraps, and even mall cart wraps. As long as you use the proper material and have a clean surface, we can customize virtually anything.

We completely covered a roughly 9′ x 20′ wall with custom graphics that includes their mission statement, quality guideline, and core values of the company. The graphic features many little design elements and incorporates their company colors to essentially create a custom wallpaper for the business. This wall graphic is completely unique to Synear Foods, and we were able to incorporate it beautifully into their interior to personalize the space and create a daily reminder of their business goals for both their employees and visitors.