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Synear Foods in Chatsworth is an existing customer of ours that reached out to us earlier this year for full wall graphics. Vinyl graphics are great for custom signage, especially if we are digitally printing onto the vinyl. We try to avoid digital prints for exterior signs because they can start fading due to exposure to UV rays, however, these graphics were going indoors so this was not a concern. We can print any color, image, or texture you desire to completely customize your graphics. When creating full wall graphics, we are virtually creating a custom wallpaper for your company.

The client provided us with print-ready artwork that we just need to print using our large format printer. We are limited by 50″ in one direction because our printer is 52″ wide. The wall was 265″ wide and the wall graphic was to be 250″ wide so we made the graphic in 5 parts with 4 vertical seams. For interior wall graphics, we typically use Avery Car Wrap Material because regular vinyl does not stay on walls as well because the surface is not completely flat. But for full wall graphics, we use Photo Tex brand material. It is used for signs, posters, elevator doors, promotions, events, windows, and more.

Full wall graphics can be used for many different purposes. You can create a backdrop, display your logo, display your mission statement, print artwork, or all of the above. Different types of businesses may also want to do something different. For example, a retail store may want a print of their products, a restaurant may want prints of their food or ingredients, and a professional office may want text that is related to their business such as their mission statement, quotes, and so on.

No matter your business type, we can make you custom wall graphics that are perfect for your business goals. Call us today to get started on your custom signage.