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We made two sets of front-lit channel letter signs and multiple window graphics for a new Supercuts in Palm Springs, California. Front-lit channel letters are large, 3-dimensional sign letters that have LEDs on the inside so the faces light up. The main storefront sign above the entrance that faces the parking lot is made from translucent red acrylic and red LEDs so the faces light up red at nighttime. The returns and back are made from solid aluminum so only the faces light up. The side sign that faces the street uses translucent white acrylic and white LEDs so the letters illuminate white at nighttime.

We can use any color acrylic for your front-lit channel letters depending on what color you want to be visible at nighttime. If acrylic doesn’t come in the color you want, we can lay pre-pigmented translucent vinyl on translucent white acrylic for a more customized color. There are some cases where pre-colored acrylic or vinyl will not suffice if you need a very specific color, there is a gradient or another similar pattern in the design, or if there are multiple different colors. In this case, we can digitally print the artwork onto translucent vinyl. We try to avoid digital prints for exterior signs because they can start to fade quickly, but sometimes it is unavoidable.

For the window graphics, we made some cut white vinyl graphics and digitally printed graphics. All of the white lettering like the logo, website, suite number, and hours were just made from white vinyl. We use our plotter to cut out the characters we need based on the artwork we send to the plotter. For the “SUPERCUTS” and “SUPERCOLOR”, we digitally printed the artwork onto gloss white vinyl because they needed a specific blue color. The digital prints were laminated for UV protection.