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Ghost Pizza Kitchen is a new pizza restaurant that opened on Melrose this year. They offer vegan and gluten-free options so Ghost Pizza Kitchen is great for all pizza lovers. They found us online while they were looking for a sign company to make their storefront sign. There was an existing box sign for the previous business which they removed and repainted the entire storefront to their company color. We made a set of reverse-lit channel letters for them. The reason that they are on a backer panel is due to the electricity access we had to connect the sign. To have the backer panel blend into the storefront as much as possible, we painted it the same color.

Initially, they were comparing a brushed aluminum option and a white painted option. As you can see from the photos, they ended up going with the white-painted option which looks great for their ghost theme. Signs that light up are great for any business, especially for ones that are open past sunset. As Ghost Pizza Kitchen is open until 10 pm on Fridays and Saturdays and until 9 pm the rest of the week, it is important that they advertise to the dinner crowd.

They went with reverse-lit instead of front-lit because they wanted the sign to have a glow around it, rather than just lighting up from the front. Reverse-lit channel letters are all opaque except for the back, and front-lit channel letters are all opaque except for the faces. Front-lit channel letters are good for when you need a specific color showing at nighttime, or if you need a specific pattern or logo to show up. Illuminated cabinet signs are essentially just a rectangular-shaped front-lit channel letter so we can put whatever information you want on the faces in vinyl.

No matter what your logo looks like or what your advertising goals are, we can create a custom illuminated sign for you that will be perfect for your business.