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Hustler Hollywood is constantly opening new stores, and one of the new locations that opened this year was in Chicago, Illinois. They have a second floor that is also open to customers and to make that clear, they wanted to get a neon-style sign to read “More Upstairs” with an arrow pointing up the stairs. Neon is a very popular look, especially since the vintage look is in right now. However, neon is harder to maintain, is more fragile, and uses more electricity than LEDs so faux neon is becoming very popular. As you can see from the photos, these faux neon LED tubes look just like real neon. LEDs have also replaced fluorescent bulbs in the sign industry due to their lower maintenance and lower electricity use.

Hustler Hollywood has many locations throughout the United States. Since we’re in Chatsworth, most of the stores we typically do work for are in Southern California, such as the Sunset location and their West Hollywood location. They actually just recently moved their West Hollywood location and needed completely new interior and exterior signs. You can read about the West Hollywood signs here.

We’ve also done both exterior and interior signs for Hustler Hollywood in Ontario, Bakersfield, and Sacramento for the California locations along with interior signs for their Dallas, Phoenix, St. Augustine, San Antonio, and now their Chicago location. For most of the retail locations we’ve made signs for, we make their mounted digital graphics. Most of the Hustler Hollywood retail locations have large prints of their models mounted on the walls throughout the store.

This location is the first one that we’ve made an interior faux neon sign for. We did use faux neon at the West Hollywood location, but instead of creating lettering with the tubing, the storefront windows were lined with the LED tubes from the inside to create a glow around the windows.