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An existing Supercuts store in Fontana reached out to us because they were looking to update their sign. Like many businesses in shopping centers, this Supercuts had a front-lit channel letter sign. It is common for shopping centers or malls to have a sign program to ensure uniformity, and the most common illuminated storefront sign is channel letter signs. Front-lit channel letters are hollow metal letters with translucent faces. A light source is installed inside of the letter so, at nighttime, the faces light up. The faces are typically attached with trimcap so they are easily removable for replacement, or to service the LEDs. We made new faces to replace the existing ones, and we replaced the existing light source to red LEDs.

To make the faces, we first make a template of the existing faces to make sure that they match up exactly. We make the letters by routing them out of red acrylic. Trimcap is then attached so we can install the faces onto the existing channel letter can. We typically use the same trim cap color as the color of the returns, which in this case is black. Black is pretty standard for return colors so that is what we use when making a new channel letter sign unless a client requests otherwise.

For the LEDs, we removed the existing neon tubing and upgraded them to LEDs. LEDs come in a few standard colors such as white, red, blue, green and amber. We used red LEDs to accentuate the red of the acrylic faces. We typically use white LEDs unless we’re using a specific color to create additional impact such as blue LEDs for blue faces. We also offer RGB LEDs which are much more expensive, but can be ajudsted to whatever color you want.

The new faces look great, and with the new LEDs, the sign is sure to bring in some new customers.