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Advent is a design-build company that focuses on corporate, academic, pro sports, and college athletics. One of their projects this past year was the renovation of the USC Coliseum. As part of their work, they needed some illuminated signage made that they reached out to us for. We had worked with Advent in the past and they were happy with our work which is why they decided to work with us again for this project.

We installed some existing signs they had, but we also made a total of seven signs that consisted of two reverse channel letters, one illuminated and one non-illuminated, for the 1923 Club, one front and edge-lit sign for the 1923 Club, two edge-lit logo signs for USC, and two push-thru signs for the Lou Galen Club.

The 1923 Club is a new club that just opened in the fall of 2019. It is located on top of the new Scholarship Club Tower and it is a space for members to experience USC game day. The name of the club is an homage to the year that the Coliseum opened. The membership to the club is by invitation only so they wanted high-end signage that reflected the exclusivity of the club. Before the end of the year, the memberships had already sold out due to popularity.

The Lou Galen Club also needed some new signs. We made two identical signs and as you can see from the photos, one was installed on the stairwell leading to one of the USC logo signs we made. The Lou Galen club was named after Lou Galen who was a philanthropist and longtime fan of the USC Trojans. During his lifetime he donated millions of dollars to the campus including the USC School of Fine Arts and the basketball and volleyball arena.