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Armorcast reached out to us because they were in need of signage for their corporate headquarters. They were interested in getting both exterior and interior signage. Check out the photos in the article to take a look at the logo and address numbers we painted on the building along with a 3-dimensional logo sign for the interior.

Initially, the client was also considering a set of channel letters and a new monument sign. For the channel letter sign, we were considering front-lit channel letters with day and night vinyl for the letters and translucent vinyl for the logo. Day and night vinyl is perforated black vinyl. The vinyl is adhered to white sign acrylic which makes up the face of the channel letter. In the daytime, you just see the black of the vinyl and at nighttime, the faces are lit with white LEDs from the back and illuminate the white acrylic so the letters appear white at nighttime. This is a great way to make sure that your sign is visible both in the daytime and at nighttime if you have a light-colored wall. They decided to to the painted sign and the lobby sign for now and save the channel letter sign and monument sign for a later project as those signs would need to be permitted.

Although they are holding off on a 3-dimensional exterior sign, they still wanted the logo and address number painted on the building to help with building identification. The building is fairly large so we put a logo on the north side and the south side of the wall. On the south wall, we also painted the address number in the same light blue used in the logo to match and to help people who are trying to find the location.