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SensoScientific is an electronics manufacturer based in Simi Valley, California. They reached out to us because they were interested in getting a logo sign for their lobby. SensoScientific offers the widest ranges of temperature sensors, humidity sensors, WI-FI temperature monitors, and cloud sensors. Like most businesses that are located inside of a large building with other businesses, there are no signs on the outside of the building so they depend on interior signs for their branding, and to also show people entering that they’re in the right place.

There are many places that you can install a lobby sign depending on how your interior is set up. SensoScientific had space above a doorway right where the second floor began and they felt that it was the perfect place to display their logo. Other common areas to install a logo sign include above a reception desk, on a reception desk, and on the entrance door. You typically want to display the logo in the room that visitors will enter first.


The sign we made for SensoScientific is an acrylic dimensional letter sign. Custom painted acrylic letters were mounted onto a white acrylic backer panel, which was then mounted to a brushed sibond backer panel. We made the entire sign as one piece at the shop so installation was fairly easy. As you can see from the photos, the entire sign was mounted by the brushed sibond backer panel using six standoffs.

The sign design came from an existing sign that we made for Ansell. A picture of the sign was on our website and SensoScientific liked the look so they asked us to recreate the same sign with their logo. The Ansell sign was smaller as it was installed on a desk. The SensoScientific sign is much larger so we used six standoffs instead of four.