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Revolution Prep is a company that offers test preparation courses including group classes, private tutoring, and online courses for the SAT and ACT. They have many locations, one of which is on 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica. They had been at the location for a little bit and decided to invest in signage which included storefront signage, interior logo signs, wall graphics, and room identification signs. The most important signs were the exterior signs so we started on those first. Without any sort of identification, it’s hard for people to know what the business is. If you provide a new client with an address, they can put it into their navigation to find the location, but signage makes identifying the business so much easier.

The signs also help advertise to potential new customers. If you have a storefront sign on the street, it is not guaranteed that a person driving by will see it or even be able to read it. It could be too dark to see the sign, or even if the sign is illuminated, the person may be busy driving or driving too fast to read everything on the sign. The great thing about having a business on 3rd Street Promenade is that all of the traffic is foot traffic. This is not a regular street that cars drive through, it is just for pedestrians so shoppers passing by can stop to read signage, and even look up the business on the spot to get more information.

For the interior, we made a lobby sign that can be seen through the front glass doors, room identification signs for a couple of the different rooms, and wall graphics. A lobby sign helps with branding and also helps improve your interior decor. Room ID signs are crucial to help people get around, and wall graphics are an inexpensive way to customize your interior.