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Rolling Hills United Methodist Church is a church that serves people across the South Bay, from Manhattan Beach to Torrance, Palos Verdes to San Pedro. The church also has a preschool that was founded in 1972. They decided to do some remodeling recently so they were required to get some new signs. We were contracted through Del Amo Construction, a company we have worked with for years. Del Amo Construction works with a lot of commercial projects so they often need custom signs. For new constructions or a renovation/remodel, ADA compliant signs are necessary if they are not already in place if the building is for public use.

The Americans with Disabilities Act went into place in 1990 so there are many public buildings that do not have code-compliant signs. We made multiple room identification signs which all had raised copy and Braille, an aluminum painted directional sign, and multiple restroom signs. As you can see from the photos, we decided to use green for the submittals to match their church logo and the client loved it. Room identification signs are crucial for any public space with multiple rooms, and the raised copy and Braille is necessary for those who are visually impaired.

The contract also included exterior signs, however, the exterior signs and interior signs were installed 2 months apart due to the permitting that the exterior signs needed to go through. These signs are acrylic signs with different colors of cut vinyl used to create the logo. These outdoor signs were installed on the new addition to the buildings that they were adding on to the existing building. One is the church logo and the other is the preschool logo. These logos are used on marketing material such as the website so it’s important to repeat the logo in different places.