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Space NK is a beauty retailer that just opened up a new location in Pasadena, California. The company was started in the UK in 1993 and now has 60 stores across the United Kingdom and Ireland, and about 30 in the United States. The “NK” in “Space NK” actually stands for Nicky Kinnaird, the founder of the company.

Space NK was working with Alta Construction for the new location. Alta Construction was referred to us by an existing customer of ours and began sending us bids for signs they needed for their various construction projects. Alta Construction specializes in commercial and retail projects so signs are usually necessary. For this project, exterior signs were necessary for the storefront. Storefront signage is crucial to a retail business because it’s how you advertise your business. If you have a well-known name like Space NK, you’ll want to use your logo or at least your name for your sign. Businesses that do not have more than one location or do not have a following may use something more generic like “NAILS”, “TOBACCO”, and so on.

If your location is open after sunset or if you want to keep advertising your location at nighttime, you’ll want to invest in an illuminated sign. For the main storefront sign that was installed above the entrance, we made a reverse-lit channel letter sign. Reverse-lit channel letters are fabricated metal letters with clear backs. LEDs are installed inside of the hollow letters and they’re spaced off of the wall so the LEDs shine on the wall behind the letters, creating a halo effect. Reverse-lit channel letters are also called halo-lit channel letters for this reason. The blade sign is non-illuminated but it does have acrylic letters for dimension. Having a blade sign helps advertise even further because someone walking along the sidewalk on the same side of the street to your business can’t see the storefront sign as easily as someone driving by or something across the street.

As it can take some time to get a building sign permitted, manufactured, and installed, we also made them a banner to put up temporarily to show that the store was now open for business.