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Glaser Pain Relief Center is a company that we were originally put in contact with through their Interior Designer, Burnett Design Group. A few years ago, we made a couple of signs go to in the hallway outside of their suite. They are located in an office building with other businesses so they needed a way to indicate where their business was.

More recently we updated the suite sign, the dimensional letters that label the doors, and made a lobby sign for the office interior. As mentioned previously, the suite sign helps people find the business, but it’s also a great way to advertise your business. Businesses inside of office buildings generally don’t have a building sign so a sign outside of your suite in the hallway of the building is like your storefront sign. It identifies your business, and lets visitors of the building know you’re there.

The door signs help with wayfinding. One door is labeled “PRIVATE” to make it clear that the door is not to be used by the public. The other door is labeled with the suite number “518”. This shows where people looking for suite 518 should enter, and also helps visitors that are looking for another suite. They are able to use suite 518 and other suite numbers as a reference to know where they are going.

The new sign we made was the lobby sign. lobby signs are named so because they are often installed on the wall in the lobby area of an office. They are sometimes referred to as reception area signs for the same reason. The lobby sign is inside of the office and typically displays the logo. Repeating your logo outside and inside of your business helps create brand recognition. It is important to use the same logo for all of your marketing material. For example, if you are using one logo for your signage, you will want to use the same logo for your website, advertisements, flyers, an all of your social media accounts.