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We do many signs for businesses that are located in office buildings. Offices require many different types of signs depending on the business and the office layout. A few years back, we made some signs for Glaser Pain Relief Center in Encino, California through their interior designer, Burnett Design Group. At that time, we made dimensional letters for their doors and a suite sign to go in the hallway outside of the office. Late last year, we redid these signs and made them a brand new sign in the inside of the office.

All of these signs are acrylic-based signs. The lobby sign is an acrylic backer panel sign made from 1/2″ clear acrylic. We applied black vinyl second surface to create the black background. Second surface means that the vinyl was applied to the back of the acrylic rather than the front. The vinyl was applied in this manner so you could see the black color through the clear acrylic, but you would still get the glossy finish of the acrylic. If the vinyl was applied first surface, you would have a black background, but you would get the gloss finish of the vinyl and not the acrylic. Due to the nature of the material, acrylic has an almost glass-like finish that looks great in signs. The logo and other information was digitally printed onto vinyl and applied first surface. The acrylic panel was installed with silver standoffs so it is spaced off of the wall.

The suite sign in the hallway was almost identical, the only differences were the shape of the clear acrylic backer panel and we didn’t apply black vinyl to the back of this one. The other signs we made for the hallway were the door signs. These are also made from clear acrylic, but these are dimensional letters and we used 1/4″ thick acrylic as opposed to 1/2″. The faces are have brushed aluminum vinyl to give the characters a metal finish.