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There are many different types of lobby signs, and the main two are dimensional letter signs and acrylic backer signs. Dimensional letter signs are called so because they use 3-dimensional letters. The logo and letters are routed from a sheet of material whether it is acrylic or metal. The sheet of material can vary in thickness depending on how deep you want the letters to be. We typically offer anywhere from 1/4″ thick to 3/4″ thick. Sheets of material can be bought in thicker options, but they can get high in price so if a client is interested in letters that are 1″ thick, we will typically recommend channel letters which are hollow, fabricated metal letters.

Acrylic backer signs are an acrylic panel with the logo applied to it. The logo can be digitally printed onto vinyl and be flat or made from dimensional letters. For Tri-City Dental Care of Cerritos, we made an acrylic backer panel lobby sign that also had acrylic dimensional letters. The backer panel is 3/8″ acrylic that we painted a custom gray color. The logo was also made from 3/8″ acrylic that we custom painted to match the logo colors. The dimensional letters are installed onto the backer panel with VHB and silicone, and the panel itself was installed onto the wall with standoffs. Acrylic backer panel signs are great because you can make the background part of the design, and they are also easier to transport if you end up wanting to move them to another location. Dimensional letters are installed individually directly onto the wall so they can be hard to remove, and depending on how they were installed, they can sometimes get damaged during removal. Standoffs just need to be unscrewed to take the panel off and to install standoffs at the new location, you can just align the holes to the ones on the panel.