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West Valley Optometry is an optometrist in West Hills, California. Several years ago, they contacted us for new sign faces after they were referred to us by one of our existing customers. They have two box signs and a small wall sign on the exterior of the building. They were looking to update the sign faces for all three signs. We didn’t change the design of the box signs, they just needed to be replaced because they were several years old. The smaller sign which was a non-illuminated sign mounted to the wall with standoffs needed to be updated due to a logo color change the business underwent.

You want to make sure that your signs are in good shape, and that the logo and logo colors are up to date. Your exterior signage is very important because it is a big component of your advertising. It is inevitable that exterior signs need to be replaced because they are out enduring the weather 24/7, and they are out in the sun most of the time. Depending on the type of sign you have, vinyl can start cracking and peeling, colors can start fading, and sometimes signs can even get damaged. Here in the San Fernando Valley, it’s not uncommon for signs to get damaged during the windy seasons.┬áIf your sign looks great, it gives off a great impression of your company.

Keeping your logo up to date for all of your marketing is also very important. If you update your logo in any way, you want to make sure that it’s updated on all of your marketing material including signage, your website, and social media accounts. West Valley Optometry had the same logo as before, but they had updated the logo colors which is why they needed to update the non-illuminated sign.