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Signage can have many different purposes, whether it is a directional sign or an identification sign. In this case, the signs were a little bit of both. The Foursquare Church wanted signs in the hallway and reception area. The hallway sign’s purpose was to display the logo and direct visitors to the reception area. The reception area sign has the logo again but in a different format. Interior signs are very important and depending on how your interior is laid out, they can be tools to help visitors navigate through your business easily.

Both of these signs are dimensional letter signs. We make these types of signs by routing the logo and letters from either acrylic or aluminum to create 3-dimensional letters and logos. They are then mounted directly onto the wall or surface, either flush to the wall or with spacers. These signs were mounted flush to the wall. For the logo we used 1/4″ thick brushed aluminum and the arrow and “Reception” were made from 1/4″ thick black acrylic.

We’ve done many different types of signs for churches including monument signs, building signs, post & panel signs, and interior signs such as the signs we made for The Foursquare Church. Depending on your location, there are many different signs that you may need. Some businesses do not have space for exterior signage so in that case, you would want to take advantage of your interior space. If you own the property, you may want to invest in a monument sign.

No matter your business type and location, we can make high-end custom signs for your business. Give us a call today to get started on signage for your business.