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Last week we featured some plaques we made for a monument sign we made for Woodland Hills United Methodist Church a few months back. Along with the plaques, they wanted to update the red vinyl toward the bottom to make the characters larger, and they wanted to add their address numbers to the sign to help people find the location. Although they had seen a rendering of how the sign would look before we started production, once they saw it in person, they felt that the characters could be a little larger so we increased them up to 7.5″ tall.

We removed the existing red lettering which was fairly easy because the sign had just been installed, but after the vinyl has been on an outdoor sign for a while, it is not always easy to remove cleanly due to the vinyl cracking. We also find that ghosting occurs due to the fact that the rest of the sign is exposed to UV rays with the exception of the area under the vinyl. We used Oracal 8500, a translucent vinyl, just like we did for the original vinyl. The vinyl was applied to the existing Tuf Glas that we installed when we made the sign.

The address numbers were made from dimensional letters, we used 3/16″ thick black acrylic and they were applied to the base of the sign using VHB and silicone. Adding address number to a monument sign is a great idea because monument signs are typically right next to the sidewalk where people can see as they drive by. It may not always be as easy to spot an address number if it is on a building that is far into the property, so putting the address numbers or full address on a monument sign is a great way to utilize the sign for different purposes.