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Golden Galaxy is a new community of luxury condominiums in Los Angeles owned by Home Paradise Realty Group. Home Paradise reached out to us for custom ADA signs for the condos. All new public construction and public building being renovated require ADA compliant signs. As we are a custom sign company, we design, manufacture, and install ADA signs that have custom colors, fonts, or styles, that are still ADA compliant.

Condominiums require a lot of ADA signs such as evacuation map signs, elevator signs, stairwell signs, stair IDs, floor IDs, exit stair signs, area of refuge signs, accessible parking signs, ISA signs, no smoking signs, prop 65 signs and FDC connection signs. As you can see from the photos, some signs were just standard colors such as the FDC signs and the Are of Refuge/Accessible Parking signs. But the other signs such as the evacuation maps, stairwell signs, and floor signs were gold with black copy. Some signs require Braille like the floor signs, exit signs, and Area of Refuge signs. Many ADA signs require both Braille and raised copy so those with vision impairment that do not read Braille can also read the signs.

While the colors we use can be customizable, we just need to make sure that the copy contrasts with the background, and that non-glare acrylic is used so the signs are easy to read. Especially in case of an emergency, you want to make sure that any evacuation map signs or exit signs can be read by everyone quickly and easily.

The new signs suit the new complex very well, and now Home Paradise can be assured that their signs are up to code. If you’re looking for custom made ADA signs for your building, give us a call today at 818-349-7400.