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Commonwealth was opening a new office in Los Angeles and reached out to us for a lobby sign. A lobby sign is a great way to customize your office interior if you have a lobby, reception area, or waiting area. Instead of putting up generic artwork, you can hire a sign company to create a custom sign with your logo that you can display in your office. The sign we made for Commonwealth is a brushed aluminum backer panel sign with a vinyl logo. Brushed aluminum is a very popular choice for lobby signs because it goes with almost any interior. If do you have specific accents used in your interior design, we can use different materials to make sure that your sign looks great with the rest of the interior decor. In some cases, clients will have a design firm design the sign if they are redoing the entire interior.

Lobby signs can go anywhere from the wall, on an entryway, or on a reception desk. The important part is that it is installed in the first room that visitors enter and depending on your office layout, you may not have a blank wall to install a sign. We’ve installed logo signs on furniture, doors, and even above doorways. There are two main styles of lobby signs which are dimensional letters and signs with backer panels. Dimensional letters are 3-dimensional cut-outs of the logo or lettering that are installed directly onto the wall. Signs with backer panels have the logo or other information displayed on a solid backer panel which is then mounted on the wall in one piece. The sign we made for Commonwealth is an aluminum black panel sign. The information on the backer panel can be 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional. Both types of signs also have front-lit and reverse-lit options.